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Personal Bio

Alexander was born on March 19, 1972. At the age of 7 he started to experience frequent headaches with all of the conventional symptoms of a Migraine headache. His particular headache resulted in him experiencing auras, nausea and sensitivity to light with no particular trigger to the onset of the migraine.

After years of treatments, therapies and medications his headaches were no better and Alex continued to experience them all through childhood and into young adulthood. Some years the headaches would come monthly, some years every two to three months and some years weekly. His headaches were incurable, there was nothing that could alleviate the symptoms and pain. Until he went to Chiropractic School.

The curriculum of all Chiropractic Schools in the US is that the students aside from learning in a conventional class room setting learned chiropractic technique, manipulation and all hands-on treatments on each other. They all alternate the role of doctor and patient treating each other’s heads, necks, backs and spines.

The incredible thing was that for the whole 4 year duration of going through Chiropractic School, Alex never experienced those migraines he had suffered with his whole life. Receiving the hands-on portion of his education eradicated the migraine. That is how Dr. Kaminsky decided to make headache treatment one of his specialties.

Over the past few years, Dr. Kaminsky discovered for himself Craniosacral Therapy (CST) and its therapeutic effects. Now, instead of receiving neck manipulation as per chiropractic treatment, Dr. Kaminsky prefers the light touch, gentler approach of CST to maintaining a headache free life.

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